According to the model, a company must first confront its strengths and weaknesses with environmental opportunities and threats. This analysis can be presented in the form of two summary tables, one of which is devoted to internal analysis, and the other to external analysis. A set of these two tables is often called a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis focuses on your strengths and weaknesses, your capabilities and threats. Sometimes it is called a SWOT analysis, which is only a translation into French. This study is used for your strategic business management and policy.

PEST Analysis for corporate marketing. PEST analysis is a strategic tool used to analyze the external macro environment in which the company operates. PEST factors play an important role in the value creation strategies. However, they are usually outside the control of the company and should usually be considered threats or opportunities. Initially, PEST analysis is an abbreviation of factors: politics, economics, sociality, technology. There are options: PEST analysis (E), which combines the ethical factor, and PESTE analysis (L), which additionally adds the legal factor.

On the other hand, geographical factors can be significant. In fact, macroeconomic factors may vary by continent, country, or even region, so PEST analysis will be conducted across the country. PEST analysis can be used for business and strategic planning, marketing planning, business development, product development and research. Filling the PEST analysis matrix can be relatively simple with a brainstorming session. It is important to give meaning to PEST analysis (EL), choosing the version that is most adapted to the vocation of the company. PEST analysis should be a recovery tool for the company.

SWOT Analysis for corporate marketing. SWOT Matrix is a tool that can help identify strengths or weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of each preamble decision. It can also be used in managing and developing a specific company’s strategy. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that create value or destroy value. These may include assets, qualifications or resources that the company has at its disposal, compared to competitors. They can be measured using internal ratings or external benchmarking. Opportunities and threats are external factors that create value or destroy value. The company cannot control them. But they stem from the competitive dynamics of the industry / market or political, economic, social and demographic factors, methods (PEST analysis). Every business must adapt to its external environment. SWOT analysis is a very good tool for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of (internal) companies, as well as opportunities and threats (external). However, this analysis is only the first phase. In fact, creating compliance with the environment is often a delicate job.

For me, a blog is an indispensable tool for personal branding. It is on your blog that you will be able to demonstrate your experience, your motivation and your seriousness. Operational marketing and communication. Functions Marketing assistant.

The marketing assistant performs a wide range of activities, depending on his profile, related skills and activities of your company. He can work on customer satisfaction surveys, corporate branding missions or market research. He is also involved in the development of a product or product line, from their design to their market availability. After analyzing the market and in accordance with the goals of the company, he collaborates with the product manager, marketing director or sales director and offers a product definition. He also collaborates in the development of commercial action plans and advertising campaigns.

Marketing Manager. He determines the marketing policy of the company and monitors its implementation by various interested departments. Based on his knowledge of the market, the marketing director determines the global supply policy of the company (prices and products) and manages the marketing policy, as well as the distribution of budgets. He is also responsible for managing operational marketing teams.

You will achieve the best results by adopting a collaborative approach to research and innovation and by coordinating the search for information among participants. At the end of the analysis, the resume should allow us to identify new business segments and policies that include financial, human and material resources for several years. From the PEST analysis matrix (EL), it is important to determine the relationships and trends between all elements.